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Make Ubuntu Unity Window Look Transparent

Now I will share how to customize your ubuntu (for Unity desktop). Like the title said, we want to make your app window look transparent.

  1. First thing you have to do is to make sure compiz is running perfectly on your system. just make sure the effect is running. 
  2. Now, you have to install compiz config setting manager (ccsm). If you have installed ccsm, continue to step 3. Copy and paste following command to your terminal to install ccsm:
  3. sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager
  4. Open ccsm, then open Opacity, Brightness, and Saturation menu. Just click it.
  5. In opacitymatches box you can add the application which you want to make it window transparent. Click New, the Edit window will show, click the plus sign, and edit matches window will show.
  6. To add the application, I will give you an example. For example, if you want to make nautilus window transparent, in type section (edit match windows, look image at the top) choose "Windows Class", open nautilus, then back to Edit match windows click Grab button, it will make cursor change to plus sign. click nautilus window, Value section will change to "nautilus", click Add button, click close. You can add other application one by one, or later in this end of article I will show you how to add other application.
  7. Now we will give opacity value. In opacityvalues box click new button, set opacity value to 90. You can set the value between 0 to 100. Less value make your window more transparent. BE CAREFUL, don't set the value too little moreover set the value to 0, you will make the window disappear. ninety is enough to make your window look transparent. Every row in opacityvalue box for each row in opacitymatches box.
  8. Don't foget to enable the effect before close ccsm window. Now, your nautilus window look transparent.
you can set the value like image bellow :
You can set more than one value in each row for opacity matches. Like image above, I set 4 value in first row, with | (or) separator. Just type it. If you want to make all of window look transparent, you can set value with "type=Normal". Eventhough I think you do not want to use this method, since not all window look good when you make it transparent, like video player, internet browser, or image browser.

But, you can make exceptions for window which you do not want it transparent. Example, to make vlc not transparent just set value to "type=Normal & !(class=Vlc)". To add other exception, add "!(class=AppName)" with & (and) separator.

In row to (image above) is value to make Popup Menu and Dialog window look transparent. That's it. :-)

Note: Like always if you want to correct my English, just comment.

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